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Last call - Conference "OWE an opportunity for the Polish economy"
There are only 3 days more to register for the conference „Offshore wind energy an opportunity for the Polish economy". Please see the full Conference agenda and list of speakers. On the first conference day we will uncover the real potential of offshore wind power in Polish marine areas. We will discuss possibilities for domestic and foreign suppliers to deliver components to the first Polish offshore wind farms and also the plan to build marine grids on the Baltic Sea. Among panelists in our discussion you will hear from politicians, investors, representatives of the industry, financial institutions and numerous experts.
„Offshore grids – cost optimization, safety and stability of energy supply” 27-28.02.2017
Increased capacity of cross-border connections between EU member states is one of the priorities set by the European Commission. Offshore grids are planned on both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea with the aim to integrate power markets, increase energy security and also to optimise the cost of development of the offshore wind sector.
"Offshore wind energy in the Polish energy policy" Offshore Conference 27-28.02.2017
The current Polish Energy Policy 2030 envisages „creating conditions facilitating investment decisions about building offshore wind farms". It has been 7 years already since its adoption by the Polish goverment. Has this objective been achieved? When can we expect a decision to invest in the construction of the first Polish offshore wind farm? This will be discussed during the 2nd session of our conference: „Offshore wind energy as an opportunity for the Polish economy".
Status quo of the offshore wind farms in Europe
A total capacity installed in European offshore wind projects at the end of 2016 reached 12 631 MW. Last year’s 1,5 GW of new offshore wind farms were installed in Germany (813 MW), the Netherlands (691MW) and the UK (56MW). Year 2016 was also a special year as the industry announced a record €18.2 billion of investments in new wind farms to be built in the coming years. This represents a further 4.9 GW of new capacity across five countries, half of it in the UK.