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World's first floating offshore wind farm launched
In Scotland, offshore wind farm (OWF) Hywind Scotland has been launched. It is the first world floating offshore wind farm.
China's largest OWF goes online
Offshore wind farm (OWF) Huaneng Rudong with a total capacity of 300 MW was officially put into operation. It is the largest offshore project in China.
Record generation in European offshore wind farms
Offshore wind farms in Europe generated 264 GWh of electricity in October 2nd. It is a record in a daily generation. Previous record was set on February this year with a 218 GWh of electricity.
DONG Energy Renames to Ørsted
Ørsted is a new name of the offshore wind giant DONG Energy. Renaming is a consequence of the strategic transformation from black to green energy and the recent divestment of the upstream oil and gas production. The company is also changing its visual identity and is launching a new logo.