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Second competitive offshore wind tender in Germany in April
Germany’s Federal Network Agency announced the terms of the second competitive offshore wind tender that is planned in April. The tender volume amounts to 1,610MW. Bbids from offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea will have a preferential status in this round.
First energy from Walney Extension
Offshore wind farm Walney Extension - the world largest project, has already started generating energy. The project will be fully comisioned till the end of the year.
Germany’s 2020 Offshore Wind Target in 82%
TenneT, the German TSO, announced that the target for offshore wind energy set at 6 500 MW by 2020 had already been completed in 82%. Currently, the operator has connected the projects of offshore wind farms (OWF) with a capacity of 5 332 MW.
8 GW in 2035 – as a real scenario for offshore wind energy in Poland
By the end of 2030, 4 GW of offshore wind farms (OWF) may be built in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea, and by the end of 2035 the capacity may reach 8 GW. According to the Foundation for Sustainable Energy (FNEZ), the potential of the OWF in Poland could reach 30-36 TWh of energy per year.